Is a DJ referral important to the success of your wedding?

Posted by on February 26, 2016

Please know I’m not trying to sell you anything here and will only take a moment of your time.  I believe you found me as a referral so I want to help you regardless if you choose me personally or not.  Here’s my advice from over 25 years of DJ wedding experience in San Diego.  The music will make or break your wedding… period.  You can have the finest venue, the best food and drinks, but if the person playing the music is not connecting with your guests, if they are not playing the right music for them, then that is what your guests will remember.  This is the most heard comment about disc jockeys in San Diego today,  “The DJ was terrible”.  This comment happens after every wedding, every weekend.   If the DJ is the over the top party in the house, loud and intrusive, look at me cheesy DJ, than that is what your guests will remember.   Some want that style…  I’m not one of those.  The reality of the situation is their lack of professionalism will effect the outcome of your wedding and your memories for years to come.  The great food and venue will be overshadowed by the DJ.

If I was your wedding consultant I would point you in the direction of quality and not so much price, especially if it comes to a couple hundred dollars.  If your guests having a great time is truly important to you, and I know it is, then I would put more importance on the person playing your music and your music.  Your family and friends will thank you with complements for years to come.

Gary Kelley